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Therefore, in studies of radiation or surgery, the researcher may be more interested in the time to local relapse than in the time to metastasis or death. In this case, it is desirable to identify characteristics that are associated with local relapse. However, a patient may develop distant disease and die before a local relapse is observed. In this case the observation of distant disease hinders the observation of local disease. Furthermore, the occurrence of local disease after distant disease may not be of much interest since treatment of the distant disease may alter the chances of local disease recurring.

6b Hodgkin’s disease study: description of variables in the dataset. 1 INTRODUCTION The analysis of competing risks data requires a basic understanding of the statistical methods used for censored survival data. This chapter presents a brief review of those methods that will be referred to later in the text. Readers familiar with survival analysis may choose to skip this chapter. 1 Introduction There are many instances in clinical research practice where the time to a particular event is of interest.

16) where the product is taken over all failure times tj and Rj represents the set of individuals still at risk at tj . The maximization of the partial likelihood is obtained through an iterative process ˆ m do not best done on computer and the estimates ˆ 1 ˆ 2 have a closed form. Breslow (1974) and Efron (1977) suggested ways to handle tied observations. Easy-to-follow descriptions of these methods can be found in Collett (2003) and Therneau and Software for survival analysis 37 Grambsch (2000).

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3K2-decomposition of a graph by Bialostocki A.

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