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By all evidence, and pragmatic thinking, the smoke was smoldering debris and escaping residual heat. BUT the post-collapse temperatures (gathered by satellite heat imagery) were radically too high to be just smoldering “building debris;” even with any remaining jet fuel being factored. Buried debris will not burn at a temperature hotter than its open-air temperature. " Such a challenge begs common sense, more than scientific proof. Once again, statistics alone demonstrate the obvious - to a reasonable mindset.

However, with that collapse (transmitted the full length of the core – to the very top of the building) the upper segment would experience an acceleration effect in the classic ‘mass-times-acceleration’ equation. ” Gravity did the rest. To keep the concept of such an operation simple, it’s necessary to entertain the idea also that ONLY the base of the columns were rigged with Thermite charges. With enough induced force (collapse), the upper “core” column attachment joints (bolts/welds) could conceivably shear/shatter in a vertical 'accordion' effect from the downward accelerating mass.

However, such a collapse could not take place at the "free-fall" velocity. There is no escape from that fact. A cheap stopwatch gives the whole thing away. In all the images of the collapse, there is nothing seen to suggest that the segmented upper "caps" (in their entirety - including the outer walls) collapsed onto the lower floors (making contact with the lower floors) - until impacting the ground. The South Tower "cap" tilted onto the lower floor, it did not pancake onto that floor. What is NOT seen is a solid initial "crunch," of the upper floor collapsing onto the lower segment.

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