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To Zeus, one amphora of honey. 2 To Dionysos two [amphorae of] honey. The tablet registers a delivery of amphorae of honey and two addressees of the offerings, in the dative, Zeus and Dionysos. Both share the sanctuary of Zeus, which seems to indicate a close connection between them. Although it cannot be proven, it would be reasonable to suppose that this relationship is the same as in the first millennium: already in Mycenaean times Dionysos was the son of Zeus, as seems to be inferable, moreover, from name itself.

Otto 1996, cf. the god’s epithet Περικιόνιος in Sch. E. Ph. 651. Dionysos in the Mycenaean World 33 Neither the sanctuary mentioned in the Chania tablet nor the one referred to in the Pylos table have been excavated, and there are no figurative representations from Mycenaean times currently available to us that could be unequivocally identified with Dionysos. Nonetheless, there are a couple of interesting instances of possible images of the god. First, Hallager, Vlasakis and Hallager60 have compiled a repertory of god images known from around the times of the tablet KH Gq 5 from the area of Chania, that could represent either Zeus or Dionysos.

2, 16–43. : “La calendrier sacré des Argiens”, REG 122, 2009, 201–217. Dodds 19692, E. : Euripides, Bacchae, Oxford 19692. : “Pausania, le Pretidi e la triarchia argiva”, in: P. ), La città di Argo. Mito, storia, tradizioni poetiche, Roma 2004, 295–320. : Death and the Maiden, London/New York 1989. : “Vater Himmels Gattin”, Die Sprache 34, 1988–1990, 1–26. G. ): The ‘Orphic’ Gold Tablets and Greek Religion, Cambridge 2011. 1, 1992, 309–319. Fraser/Matthews 2000, P. B, Oxford 2000. : “Zagreus”, in: Der Neue Pauly 12/2, Stuttgart/Weimar 2002, 665–666.

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A Bi-Hyperbolic Finite volume Method on Quadrilateral Meshes by Schroll H.J., Svensson F.

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