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By Gail Baura

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A scientific gadget is an gear that makes use of engineering and clinical rules to interface to body structure and diagnose or deal with a illness. during this Lecture, writer Gail Baura particularly considers these clinical units which are computer-based, and are as a result known as scientific tools. additional, the scientific tools mentioned are those who contain approach concept into their designs. She divides some of these tools into those who offer non-stop commentary and people who supply a unmarried photo of health and wellbeing info. those tools are termed sufferer tracking units and diagnostic units, respectively.

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Based on (Baura 2000b) Hornik et al. (1989) proved that one hidden layer is enough to approximate any continuous function, multilayer feedforward networks have typically utilized one hidden layer only. Each weight between the input and hidden layers is represented by wlm (k), a weight connecting hidden neuron xl (k) to input u m (k). Similarly, each weight between the hidden and output layers is represented by Wnl (k), a weight connecting output yˆn (k) to hidden neuron xl (k). The weights are fully connected between layers.

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