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A better half to Livy incorporates a number of essays representing the main up to date overseas scholarship at the existence and works of the Roman historian Livy.
Features contributions from most sensible Livian students from round the world.
Presents for the 1st time a brand new interpretation of Livy's historic philosophy, which represents a key to an total interpretation of Livy's physique of work.
Includes stories of Livy's paintings from an Indo-European comparative aspect.
Provides the main sleek experiences on literary archetypes for Livy's narrative of the background of early Rome .

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My heartfelt thanks to the people who translated the various chapters written in languages other than English (French, German, Italian): Adam Bishop, Amanda Clement, Kathleen M. tex V2 - 08/12/2014 10:44am Page xxxix Introduction: Livy xxxix Robyn Rihani, and Lee Zischakale. Special thanks to Josette Florent, to Prof. L. Bessone’s anonymous translator, and to Anne-Nolwenn Mineo-Briand, my wife. Bernard Mineo Nantes (Brittany) January 2014 REFERENCES Bayet, J. and Baillet, G. 1947. Tite-Live. Histoire Romaine, Livre I .

1961)1963. Livy: His Historical Aims and Methods. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 190), shows how ancient readers were impressed by the immensity of Livy’s work, of which only Books 1–10 and 21–45 are available today. The sheer volume of the work,1 which from late Antiquity probably caused both its fragmentation and the disappearance of most of it, accounts for its being circulated in various forms adapted to the different types of readership2 : one could read Livy complete, in groups of books, or in a reduced form, as excerpts (Excerpta) or summaries3 (Periochae).

The first, a fragment of Book 28 (=Folium Monacense51 ), was identified in 1869; the second, a fragment of Book 30,52 only some 30 years ago (de Franchis 2000, 18 and 30). One must add the readings of the manuscript transmitted in Froben 2. 1 (Pfeifer 2000), and those printed by Gelenius (=G), who supervised the edition (Oakley 1997, 169–170). The latter are obtained from the collation of differences between the two Froben editions and confrontation of the results with the readings of other witnesses.

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