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Absorption and emission spectra of Cr3+ :LiSGaF. even more important is the fact that they can be directly diode pumped by red laser diodes [102] in the 630 nm to 680 nm range (Fig. 8). This caused increased attention to this class of crystals as a possible compact and costeffective alternative to Ti:sapphire. The development of compact directly diode-pumped, few-optical-cycle sources in the 800 nm region relies currently on Cr3+ -doped colquiriites. Colquiriites are birefringent materials, which is advantageous for laser operation.

The absence of higher lying levels excluded ESA and upconversion losses, the small Stark splitting meant low Stokes heating in high-power operation, and the high threshold due to the quasi-three-level scheme did not turn out to be a big problem Materials for Few-Cycle Pulse Generation 43 with high-brightness laser diodes. As an extra bonus, InGaAs diodes in the 900 nm range proved to possess the highest brightness and best reliability of all high-power laser diodes, as a result of their development for the telecom market.

16). Since all higher lying states are singlets or triplets, ESA transitions from the upper state are spin forbidden. One can thus consider only quintet states (thick lines in Fig. 16), and the resulting energy level diagram becomes very simple, as in Ti:sapphire (Fig. 5). 8 µm [234, 235, 236], and the emission is located between 2 µm and 3 µm [236, 237, 238, 239, 240] (Fig. 17). The energy level scheme resembles that of Ti:sapphire (Fig. 6). Jahn–Teller splitting is stronger in the ground state; fluorescence is now double-peaked, and absorption is single-peaked (Fig.

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