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By Brian Heagney

ISBN-10: 1453687815

ISBN-13: 9781453687819

It's Alphabetic Anarchy!

the single ABC's of Anarchy publication appropriate for kids of every age. babies will love the imagery, little toddlers will thrive on studying the alphabet, and preschoolers will take up the content material whereas studying to learn.

each web page contains insightful questions correct for kids or adults. even if you in simple terms are looking to struggle through the alphabet together with your youngest, or have a considerate attractive dialogue approximately lifestyles together with your mom, this publication is for you.

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Now is your opportunity to make one up. And if you want to, draw a picture for it! Can you come up with a sound that doesn't have a letter in our alphabet? How do you think the alphabet was invented? com Genesis: Just About the Whole Story Told in Cartoon Pictures The book of Genesis, illustrated and paraphrased by Brian Heagney. Filled with adult situations, this tome includes all of the stuff your pastor intentionally left out. (Adults Only) Thumbs: Stories, Sketches & Stupid Little Comic Strips The complete collection of Thumbs comic strips, by Brian Heagney.

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ABC's of Anarchy by Brian Heagney

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