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By Sir David Bates, Benjamin Bederson (Eds.)

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This sequence is worried with contemporary advancements within the basic sector of atomic, molecular, and optical physics. the sector is in a nation of quick development, as new experimental and theoretical ideas are placed to endure on many aged and new difficulties. Such difficulties variety from stories of the basic houses of radiation and subject, via reviews of hitherto inaccessible states of "ordinary" and unique atoms and molecules, the keep an eye on of atoms and molecules via gentle, the behaviour of atoms and molecules in excessive radiations fields, the certain constitution of such structures, together with complicated molecules and molecular clusters, and quite a lot of interplay phenomena between atoms, molecules, and their constituent elements and fields. subject matters coated additionally comprise similar utilized parts, reminiscent of atmospheric technological know-how, astrophysics, floor physics, and laser physics.

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B. , 1981a). Wetmore et al. 54 D according to Wetmore et al. , 1982). The experimental research revealed a series of resonances (halfwidth about 1 nm) beginning at threshold. They were interpreted as being due to transitions to dipolesupported states that underwent autodetachment. , 1981a). Mead et al. (1984a) greatly extended the acetaldehyde enolate anion, CH, CHO -, work. Using ultra high-resolution photodetachment spectroscopy they detected about 50 narrow resonances near threshold and measured their positions and widths very accurately.

Commented, this favors the correctness of the Mo X model. From the photoelectron spectra of 10 species of alkali halide anions, Miller et al. (1986) deduced the ground-state spectroscopic constants given in Table XVII. 1 eV by a simple electrostatic model that does not involve the dipole moment. Although the ground state is not a pure dipole-supported state, the first excited state (Section 111) corresponds to the second dipole-supported state. D) is similar in this regard. 37 Source: Miller et al.

016 eV. A photoelectron spectroscopy study of P; by Snodgrass et al. 06 eV. Values of some of the spectroscopic constants of P; were inferred from a peak due to a hot band and a Franck-Condon analysis. 010 A. Laser photoelectron spectroscopy measurements have been made on some homonuclear metal dimer anions. 939eV, 149cm-' (K. Ervin and W. C. Guidance on the electron configurations of the neutral and anion dimers is provided by this research. (See Leopold et al. ) Bauschlicher et al. (1989a) have determined EA(Cu,), EA(Ag,), and EA(Au,) by ab initio calculations.

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