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By N.J. Mackintosh N.S. Sutherland

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When the strength of the correct analyzer exceeds that of the position analyzer by a sufficient amount, responding will be controlled only by the relevant cue. We assume that criterion is reached at a time when the strengths of the correct response attachments are almost at asymptote; at this stage the relevant analyzer is strong enough to control behavior but can be strengthened by further training. 6) has the relevant analyzer much more strongly switched in than the group trained only to criterion.

Statement of the Model Group trained to criterion Train + B ' Reverse - ! + W j W B S 100 Group given overtraining Train + B W ] I ! Reverse + W B y ! \ '' r ! >§! c Q. - ^ Φ (Λ O ^ (U O ° Ö ω δ ^ / ^ " " \ J^y Trials r R /K Trials Fig. 6. Theoretical graphs of learning during training and reversal. B designates black; W, white. ] responses to the relevant analyzer—slowly at first, but more rapidly as the correct analyzer is strengthened. The correct analyzer is strengthened as the animal learns the correlation between its outputs and reward and nonreward.

III. Some Theory A. A SIMPLIFIED VERSION OF THE THEORY We are now in a position to introduce the theory and to illustrate how it functions with reference to the three experiments described above. 4. It is assumed that the stimulus input is fed into a number of different analyzers; each of these analyzers analyzes the stimulus input along a particular dimension. 4, Analyzer 1 (A t ) classifies stimuli along the dimension of brightness, whereas Analyzer 2 (A2) classifies stimuli along the dimension of orientation.

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