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By John Galsworthy

ISBN-10: 0141907940

ISBN-13: 9780141907949

During this moment a part of John Galworthy's trilogy of affection, strength, funds and kin feuding, a brand new iteration has arrived to divide the Forsyte extended family with society scandals and conflicting passions

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It is in this sense that Birkin makes the otherwise seemingly absurd statements to Ursula that he does not want to "know" her, or even to "see" her as a form of recognition (WL 187, 147). Birkin does not want his knowledge of Ursula, or his ongoing relationship with her, to be finalized or finalizable. He wants his love to be redolent of the dialogic values of unfinalizability, potentiality, surprisingness, and the "living" virtues. With Ursula, Birkin wants to occupy the dialogic zone of the living "unknown," or the futureoriented zone of the about-to-be (WL 144).

After authorship comes the "absolute need . . for some sort of satisfactory mental attitude towards oneself and things in general [that] makes one try to abstract some definite conclusions from one's experiences as a writer and as a man" (Fantasia 15). To his mind, God does no less: God is a great urge, wonderful, mysterious, magnificent but he knows nothing before-hand. His urge takes shape in the flesh, and lo! it is creation! God looks himself on it in wonder, for the first time. Lo! there is a creature, formed!

Everything that is said, expressed, is located outside the 'soul' of the speaker and does not belong only to him. The word cannot be assigned to a single speaker. The author (speaker) has his own inalienable rights to the word, but the listener also has his rights, and those whose voices are heard in the word before the author comes upon it have their rights (after all, there are no words that belong to no one). The word . . is performed outside the author, and it cannot be introjected into the author.

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